About the Geopark

The Leye-Fengshan UNESCO Global Geopark is situated in the transition zone between the YunnanGuizhou plateau and the Guangxi basin, and comprises of the adjacent Leye Dashiwei Tiankeng Group National Geopark and the Fengshan Karst National Geopark. It inc



Underground River

an underground river, also called hidden river, is an underground passage with characteristics of a river. swallet stream is the section where ground river flow from the surface to underground. its main difference from underground river is that an swa…

Geological Relics


Geological Background--Landform Features

the geopark is typical of massive inlier fengcong karst. in sequence from the contact between the carbonates and clastics to the center of the karst area the following landforms are observed: marginal poljes, fengcong karst valleys and fengcong karst …

Park scenery




Folk Culture--The Landian Yao Customs

meng’e yao village is one of the dominant inhabiting places for landian (means indigo) yao in guangxi, a branch of yao minority. it is so called because of their costumes made of cloth dyed by indigo. this is a rather special minority with very stron…

Scenic Area


Luomeidong Scenic Area

luomei lotus cave tourism area. it is the gate tourism area of the geopark in leye, which iscomposed of luomei lotus cave, geological museum, longyanglake, heping pol



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