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Yuanyang Springs Scenic Area


     yuanyang springs scenic area is located near the county town of fengshan, which is composed of two sub-scenic areas of yuanyangdong and chuanlongyan, their geosites are mainly distributed in qiaoyin underground drainage area, including yuanyangdong, yuanyang springs, liangfengdong, sicily cave, yunfengdong, poxiandong, heidong, liangdong, chuanlongyan, shuiliandong, ren’an fengcong, fengcheng polje and songren polje, as well as some through caves in the fengcong hill looking like moon and elephant trunk.

yuanyang springs

     yuanyang springs are also named as male and female springs, and 1.5km away from fengcheng town in the east, and perennial springs, one is blue in the south and the other green in the north, with an elevation of 495m and 20m in distance, it was praised as the top of “the eight scenic spots” in the past. the origin of water colour difference and the origin of the water is unknown. the cave-diving exploration didn’t find any ongoing subterranean cave under the water and the chemical analyses couldn’t explain the colour difference.

     the two springs confluence after 20m away from their outlets and become the headwater of jiuqu river. the word of yuanyang lake was embodied in “ci hai” dictionary in 1945.


yuanyang cave

    yuanyangdong is located in the hillside opposite yuanyang springs; it is a large cave chamber, with an elevation of 600m at the entrance. the cave is 260m long, 45~130m wide, 7~56m high, 25,200 square meters in floor area and 1.07 million cubic meters in volume. it is characterized by huge stalagmites and collapsed rocks, with 32 stalagmites of over 10m in height, and one of them reaching 36.4m high; the piles of collapsed rock are up to 30m high with a volume of up to 122,000 cubic meters.


sisily cave


chuanlongyan cave

   chuanlongyan, also named fengyang pass, has always been used as a passage through the mountain. it is actually a large chamber-type cave, it is 372m in length96-140m in width, 35m-47m in height. the average height is 40 m. so, daylight illeminates the entire cave. chuanlongyan has three levels of floor with 18m height difference; the first is 20m wide qiaoyin river, the second is 80-100m wide river bank, which is 10-15m above the river, the third is 3-8m higher than the second and 10-20m wide, consisting of clay and crystal calcite plates.there is a secondary gallery on the east that explains the formation of the
chamber by the crossing of two galleries. near the river, the erosional scallops attest to the speed of the water stalactites are abundant on the north and very few on the south. the south-west roof is composed of pure calcite rhombus.


yunfengdong cave 

    the north entrance has a fortified wall with two sentry towers.the cave measures 1290 m. it contains 3 different kinds of phytokarst, ancient nitrate extraction pits and many tall stalagmites.the entrance chambers has an area of 20 960 m*(about three soccer fields) it is the 9th biggest in leye-fengshan geopark. its floor is flat and has a 80 m-diameter temporary lake. a long time ago the qiaoyinhe river flew through yunfengdong. over time the mountain was uplifted and the river changed its course. now the river flows through chuanlongyan.