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Folk Culture--Ethnic Customs of South China

Source:Leye-Fengshan Global Geopark Time:2017-01-19

     the drama of high-mountain people singing for lamps is a popular folk drama played by han people lived around dashiwei tiankeng group. with lanterns and flower fans as the main props, accompanied by percussion instruments, han people dance and sing songs in very beautiful melodies. this is such a great lively and localized drama that local people like it very much.

     leye mulitun village is dominated by sub-maternal culture. there are13 families in han village, where women manage their family affairs for generations. women decide everything about families and other businesses in this village, so that’s why it is called the “last kingdom of women” in guangxi.  kinds of traditional craft are still reserved in the geopark. most of them are part-time handwork made by families. the technics is taught mainly by dictating from one generation to another.