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Folk Culture--Zhuang Nationality Customs

Source:Leye-Fengshan Global Geopark Time:2017-01-22

      march singing fair, held in march of chinese calendar every year, is zhuang people’s most grand festival. on this day, every family cooks five-color sticky rice, dyes eggs into red, and enjoys the festival in great happiness. sometimes, this very bustling and lively festival may last for two to three days.


      maguai dance (means frog dance) played by zhuang people, or called “frog wave festival” or “maguai singing meeting”, is held in january of chinese calendar every year. it is a very important festival for zhuang people living on riversides of hongshuihe river. people dance maguai dance and sing maguai song for the festival to pray for good weather for harvest blessed by frog goddess.


      tonggu dance (means copper drum dance) is played with great joy by zhuang people once they celebrate for harvest or festivals. people carry out copper drums and strike them. the drums are composed of two male drums, in smaller size and producing higher tones, and two female drums, in bigger size and producing lower tones.