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Folk Culture--The Ancient Papermaking

Source:Leye-Fengshan Global Geopark Time:2017-01-23
      the ancient papermaking applies handwork technics of papermaking inherited from wei, jin dynasties to produce xuan paper and huo paper (used for sacrificing ancestors). it is a living fossil of ancient chinese papermaking, and it is made from bamboo (white bamboo and pitted bamboo are popularly used at present). the basic producing flow is as following: soak bamboo by limewater for 2 months →dry the wet bamboo by wind for 1 month →smash the dry bamboo into powder →soak the powder by metasequoia root liquid into paper pulp →soak the paper pulp by clean water→ make the paper pulp well-distributed→take out the paper pulp→ make paper pieces from the paper pulp→check the quality of paper→ dry the paper by airing