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Leye-Fengshan UNSECO Global Geopark Museum (Fengshan Subarea)


      chuanlongyan, also named fengyang pass, has always been used as a passage through the mountain. it is actually a large chamber-type cave, it is 372 m in length, 96~140 m in width, 35~47 m in height and 41500 square meters in floor area, about 3 soccer’s playground.

      leye - fengshan geopark museum is set up in the cave, which is only geologic museum in the cave. it covers an area of 4,500 square meters, including graphic, model, physical, biologic exhibition areas and multimedia presentation. it explains the geologic basic knowledge, geopark geologic background, geosites features and distribution and comparison of geosites as well as local social customs, ecological environment in the graphic area; it displays the terrain by geomorphologic electric and sand model in model area; it in physical area exhibits rocks, speleothems, fossils; it exhibits biologic specimens in biologic area; it gives films of geopark scenery and conference in multimedia area.

      beside the western wall of chuanlongyan near the northern entrance is the pass, which is used by the local villages to the county town. there is a large cave trough along the pass, and the local people carved characters in the trough wall with 50 m long and 5 m high.