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Leye-Fengshan UNESCO Global Geopark Museum (Leye Subarea)



introduction to leye tiankeng geological museum

leye tiankeng geological museum is the epitome of prehistoric geological evolution and development, and it is a platform to exhibit and publish the information of the geopark to the public. the museum covers a total area of 5,518 square meters, with three layers. there are six functional areas in the main building: service area, exhibition area, rest area, souvenirs exhibition area, multi-functional reporting hall, office area. the interior exhibition covers the area with 3,500 square meters.

      the museum relies on the unique karst landscapes like carbonate tiankeng group, cave chambers, fengcongs and depressions, subterranean rivers, bio-diversity ecosystem and historical culture and some other science knowledge to set up nine exhibition halls. walking into leye(lobby), the earth veil(no.1 hall), the life music(no.2 hall), the land& resources in leye (no.3 hall), geoheritages(no.4 hall), the country of tiankengs in the world (no.5 hall), leyes ecology

(no.6 hall), brilliant historical culture(no.7 hall), science popularization interaction & practice (no.8 hall).

the museum takes the geoscience as the main body, the science popularization exhibition as the mainline to highlight the features of the geopark; it also create a modern and comfortable environment to show the geopark; it emphasizes on offering service to the public and meet the knowledge needs of the professionals; it takes mainly use of the graphic panels and specimens & fossils, and combines with modern high-tech ways such as audio and photoelectric, electronic sand table, multimedia, bionic, virtual reality, two-dimensional code and so on; the content closes to the public, professional knowledge, interaction& touching to satisfy the needs and requires of the modern. meanwhile, it gives the visitors the strong visual impact to make them impressed deeply, then the visitors could learn something by visiting and enjoy themselves by learning. the museum is a natural science museum which integrates the science popularization, scientific research, sightseeing, leisure and entertainment into one.

after finishing the museum, it would be a main sightseeing site in the geopark, and an important window to understand the southern karst for visitors. besides that, it would be a symbol of leye-fengshan unesco global geopark, a beautiful card for the world to know leye.