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Geological Background--Landform Features

Source:Leye-Fengshan Global Geopark Time:2017-04-19

      the geopark is typical of massive inlier fengcong karst. in sequence from the contact between the carbonates and clastics to the center of the karst area the following landforms are observed: marginal poljes, fengcong karst valleys and fengcong karst depressions. in the same sequence the negative landforms (valleys and depressions) decrease gradually in surface area, while increasing in depth. dashiwei tiankeng is a good example with a depth of 613 m.     


      the 38 kilometers long jiangzhou cave system is the product of a sub-tropical climate with contemporaneous high temperature and heavy rains. the subterranean river system spans the drainage area, driving the dynamic hydrogeology in the geopark. in addition, the climate and geology have formed tiankengs, caves, karst windows, shafts, cave chambers, large cave passages, natural bridges, karst springs and abundant and colorful speleothems.