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Geological Background--Geosite Types

Source:Leye-Fengshan Global Geopark Time:2017-04-11

      the leye–fengshan geopark geosites can be subdivided into three major classes: exokarst, endokarst and speleothems. endokarst is defined as the part of a karst system that is below the surface, while exokarst includes all features that may be found on the surface of a karst landscape.

       exokarst in the geopark includes landscape dominating landforms such as fengcong, karst valleys and poljes and other easily observed features such as tiankengs, karst windows, karst springs, through caves and nature bridges, as well as anthropomorphic and zoomorphic landforms. major endokarst landforms in the geopark include large subterranean rivers, karst caves, cave chambers and vertical caves. inside these voids are various speleothems including unusual forms of phytokarst, large cave pearls, helictites, rimestone dams, lotus rimstone, tall stalagmites and columns. the geopark also features a number of paleontological, lithological and geological structure sites.