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Buliuhe Scenic Area


      buliuhe scenic area is in the central geopark, geosites are linked by buliuhe river, including buliuhe karst gorge, fengcong in banks, subtropical valley forest, buliuhe natural bridge, and caves in both banks, neili degraded tiankeng, mengli natural bridge and mengli fengcong. it set up a tourist center, three parkings, two dorks and two restaurants and also outreach explanation boards in main geosites.

there is secondary road from leye county town to lingyun and baise, tertiary road from xinhua township to buliuhe scenic area, also a tertiary road from fengshan county town to buliuhe scenic area and around the scenic area.

      there are three tourist ways in the scenic area including boat rafting, by bus and hiking. the rubber dinghy rafting starts from dongla dock in buliuhe karst gorge to baman dock through buliuhe natural bridge. the bus tour starts from moli village, through bacao, baman, bayan, gengxin, neili, to gengsha township, and then returns to moli. the hiking tour starts from moli, then walking along the river through longliu, dongla to lengquandong, the village path to mengli natural bridge and fengcong karst, and neili degraded tiankeng and huangliandong cave, and returns to fengshan- leye tertiary road or to moli; the second hiking way starts from baman dock after rafting, across the river and along a village road to gengxin township, mengli natural bridge, mengli fengcong karst and neili degraded tiankeng, and returns to fengshan-leye tertiary road or to moli.

buliuhe natural bridge

    buliuhe natural bridge extends in a northwesterly direction across the buliuhe river. there is a large cave chamber, wuyandong, below the northwestern end of the bridge, and a large accumulation of rock below the southeastern end of the bridge, with the river flowing northward around the rocks and through wuyandong. the natural bridge has a deck thickness of 78m, an arch height of 87, a spanning width of 177, a width of 19m and a total height of 165. 

    most natural bridges are the result of cave roof collapse, but buliuhe natural bridge is the result of the river cutting across the neck of an oxbow. its formation can be divided into three phases: (1) bend stage - an oxbow formed west of the buliuhe river; (2) through cave stage - a new channel formed and the old river bend was abandoned; (3) natural bridge stage – a natural bridge formed through cave roof collapse, and collapsed rocks stopped the river channel, a shelter cave formed by lateral erosion and corrosion.

mengli natural bridge

    mengli natural bridge is located in the central part of the geopark; it has a deck thickness of 17m, an arch height of 60m, a width of 90m and a span of 60m. it was the result of cave roof collapse in the early passage of gengxin underground river. to the northeast of the natural bridge there is a collapsed doline similar to a tiankeng and to the southwest there is a deep depression which evolved from a collapsed doline; these are relics of the early gengxin underground river.