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Safety Cautions for Traveling


      the geosites are located mostly outdoor in mountains and karst caves, so prepare yourself well for visiting a natural environment. always be aware of outside conditions and be self-sufficient. 


please observe the following code and safety guidelines when visiting the geosites in leye-fengshan global geopark: 

1. never go on a rock or landform appreciation trip alone and in adverse weather. 

2. plan a safe trip with reference to the weather information posted on the leye-fengshan observatory's website. 

3. plan a route with a proper trail that all members of your group may reasonably handle. 

4. remain alert to changes in the surrounding environment and any potential hazards, such as cliffs and steep slopes. exercise extra caution when rock surfaces are wet. 

5. do not climb the rock columns or trample on severely weathered or eroded surfaces. watch out for shifting or slippery rocks. 

6. wear suitable hiking shoes, hats and clothes. also take gloves, first-aid kits and weather-proof clothes with you. 

7. mobile phone coverage may vary from place to place. leave details of your route and expected return time with someone, for raising the alarm if necessary. 

8. use only tour guides who have outdoor training and first-aid skills. 

9. use only boat operators who comply with all the safety requirements and have life jackets for all passengers. 

10. do not take away any rock, fossil or mineral. it is an offence to dig up, damage or deface any rocks in leye-fengshan global geopark.