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Karst Caves

Source:Leye-Fengshan Global Geopark Time:2017-11-20

      there are a great number of caves in the geoparkfor example, there are 45 caves listed in the geopark geosites, including those without records or names, there could be nearly 1000 caves in the geopark, of them most are horizontal caves and nearly 100 are shafts. the geopark is remarkable for its large number of giant cave volume, for example, the jiangzhou cave system has a surveyed length of 37,939 m and a floor area of 114 ha, mawangdong cave contains a particularly notable passage which is ~120 m tall for about 2 km, nearly one hundred cave chambers have been discovered in the geopark with floor area >0.5 ha, 25 of which are located in the jiangzhou cave system. 24 cave chambers with floor area >1 ha have been found in the geopark, the 50 vertical caves that have already been investigated are >100 m deep, while the sum of their depths is more than 4 km. most of these caves have rich cave formations, for example, stalagmites & columns in yuanyang cave contains more than one thousand stalagmites and columns of different size and shape, the rimstone dam in poxiandong cave is more than 200 m long, 296 examples of lotus rimstone are located throughout the upper passage of luomeidong cave, unusual large cave pearls cover the 0.6 ha heidong cave entrance chamber and helictites are found on the walls, ceiling and floor of shuijinggong cave.