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Geotourism routes--Cave geotrails


     Luomei Dong ( cave lotus, underground river, cave pearls)—Xiongjia caves ( large cave chamber, speleothems, collapsed rocks);

     Mafeng cave ( relationship between tiankeng and Neogene speleothems, cave); Chuanlong cave ( large cave chamber, underground river)—Yuangyang cave( large chamber, stalagmite); Feilong cave ( large cave chamber, the relationship between the cave and karst window);

     Mawang caveShuijing cave ( speleothems and process of growth) and Jiangzhou cave ( large passage).

     Tiankeng geotrail: highlight of Dashiwei tiankeng group: Chuandong-Dacao-Jiameng-Datuo-Shenmu-Baidong-Luojia and Sujia-Dashiwei-Huangjing ( footpaths connects them)

     Natural bridge, Tiankeng, Karst window Geotrail: Jiangzhou natural bridge-Bandong cave-Sanmenhai karst windows.