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Guide Map of Dashiwei Tiankeng-Chuangdong Tiankeng Tourism Area


The east line of the driveway mainly relies on the resources of Dashiwei Tiankeng, Datuo Tiankeng and Dashiwei Mafeng Cave, etc. The tour road in the tourism area in the east line runs from Leye downtown to Jiangjia'ao gate, then through Datuo Tiankeng, Baidong Tiankeng and Maoqidong Cave to Dashiwei East Peak parking lot.

The west line is from Shuijing'ao gate to Dashiwei West Peak, then through Dadong to the South Pass parking lot, the east and west lines are connected to each other. The tour time of the driveway is 1.5 hours.

The hiking tour is from the east line of the driveway to the Baidong parking lot, then go to Shenmu Tiankeng Maoqidong Cave, Yanzi Tiankeng, Sujia Tiankeng, Luojia Tiankeng, to Dashiwei Tiankeng, then go around Dashiwer Tiankeng loop tour, to the Shuijing'ao gate. The hiking tour takes 3-4 hours.

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