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Guide Map of Chuandong Tiankeng-Dashiwei Tiankeng Tourism Area


Excursions   The tour trails include bus and hiking,being predominant in hiking.

Route1        Trail one is from Leye-Dashiwei Road to Tanjiadong then Dacao TiankengHuomai DolineEastern Col. Guanyin TempleGuanyin Mt.Dacao overlooking platform,FeihudongFengzidang, Mihun Cave, and Huomai Parking Lot.

Route2         Trail two is just around Huomai Village .

Route3        Trail three is from Huomai parking to Huomaieastern col, then Dacao Tiankeng,JiamengTiankeng, Zhulinba Village,Chuandong Tiankeng.

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