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Guide Map of Xiaya Geological Culture Village


Excursions       There are three ways of touring theXiaya Village: by boat, by car and by foot.

Route1             Fengcong tour: Xiaya Visitor Center-JinyaTownship-Shangya Village-Former Residence of General Jiang Maosheng-Yanfeng Tun- Marco Polo Cave Chamber-Liangfeng Cave- Shima Cave-Visitor Center.

Route2             Cave Tour: Visitor Center-Xiaya Geological Culture Village exhibition hall-Shizi Cave-Reef limestone-Longqicao Cave-Dilonggong Cave -Former Residence of General Jiang Maosheng- Shangya Village-Jinya Township-Visitor Center.

Route3             Water tour:Visitor Center-Dock-ShimahuLake boat tour-Dock-Visitor Center.

Route4            Wetland tour:Visitor Center-Xiaya Geological Culture Village exhibition hall-old trees(Liulang Village-JiuyingVillage-Anzhui Village)- Shangbu Tun-Nachao Cave-Shimahu Lake Wetland-Visitor Center.