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     In order to create a good tourism environment, Leye county and Fengshan county tried their best to take opportunities to improve the transportation conditions in the geopark, for example, coordinating the plan of Guiyang-Baise railway via Leye, Hechi-Baise motorway via Fengshan.

     Getting to the Geopark, you can take bus by high way from Nanning to Baise, then via the Baise–Lingyun–Leye secondary road or via the Tianyang–Bama–Fengshan secondary road; Or you can take bus by high way of Guilin-Liuzhou-Hechi, then via Hechi-Donglan-Fengshan secondary road; Or you can take plane from Guilin to Tianyang airport, then by bus via secondary road; or via the Tertiary roads of Fengshan-Leye and Tian’e-Fengshan. Scenic areas are accessible via secondary and tertiary roads.