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Leye county held folk dragon culture tourism festival activities


February 23, the eighth day of the first month in the lunar calendar. the eighth gantian folk dragon culture and tourism festival was held in  gantian peace dragon base. the dragon dance enthusiasts, folk groups, photographers and tourists from all over the world have gathered from all sides to the dragon dance base to watch the dragon dance performance.

On the festival, the drums shook, the flags flying, hundreds of colorful dragons dancing together. together with the sound of gongs and drums, the clap of applause, the fireworks, the dragon dance base shows a flourishing and bustling scene. leye county actively respond to the calls for "eco county, strong industrial county, tourist county ", in the process of developing tourism and cultural construction, inherit and develop the dragon and other folk culture, create the famous tourist county. through this activity, more people know the essence of the intangible cultural heritage of our county, and the younger generation can understand, inherit the culture of our county.

In addition, there also some other fun activities such as catch fish by bamboo cage, catch ducks in the river and so on.