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Hiking in China 2018·National Hiking Race was held in Leye-Fengshan Geopark


 on apr. 14th of 2018, the activity “journey to the earth in baise”-national hiking race-hiking in china 2018 (leye station) was officially opened in leye county. the activity was held jointly by chinese mountaineering team, guangxi sports bureau and baise people’s government. there were over 600 people who were from korea, beijing, inner mongolia, harbin, yunnan, guizhou and guangxi taking part in the activity.

  it is known that, the people who took part in the activity were divided into two levels: common group and professional group. the common route started from east peak of dashiwei, the terminate was dengjiatuo tiankeng. the whole journey was 6 kilometers long. the journey included slopes and flats. meanwhile, the professional group also needed to across xiongjiadong cave, dacao tiankeng, hongmeigui cave, tanjiadong cave to reach heping crossing to finish the whole journey with a total length of 19 kilometers.

  after finishing the activity, yang baoliu and liu zhenlan who were from leye county and belonged to common group reached dengjiatuo firstly. and ge yugang, a 35 year-old man, who was from jiangsu province and belonged to professional group reached the terminate firstly. three of them took part in the activity for the first time and they were satisfied with the routes management very much. they thought this kind of activity could keep fit and meet some good friends who have common interests at the same time. in addition, people also could enjoy the gorgeous natural scenes. they would participate in more hiking activities. 

 the activity gained praise by lots of hikers, especially the hikers that visited leye county for the first time. the first impression about leye county was beautiful natural scenes, fresh air and interesting mountain routes which were fulled of challenges. as for designing the routes, the organizers put in a lot of time and energy to design it. that’s why the journey could be a charming one.

 in the recent years, leye-fengshan geopark have been keeping exploring the natural resources, improving sports and culture infrastructures. the geopark has already held 10 international mountain outdoors sports challenges, 4 national climbing classics, 3 national motocrosses, 3 national hiking races. by improving for years, the outdoor sports of leye county have become a famous brand in china. (zou liu, he tingjie)