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Leye-Fengshan UNESCO Global Geopark Passed the 2018 Revalidation with “Green Card”


according to the report of the 3rd session of the unesco global geopark council, which held on 8-9 september 2018 in madonna di campiglio, italy, leye-fengshan unesco global geopark passed the 2018 revalidation with green card.

in order to ensure the continued high quality of the unesco global geopark within the international geoscience and geoparks programme, in accordance with the requirements of the unesco global geopark secretariat, every global geopark will receive a revalidation every four years after it has been approved to join the unesco global geopark network. vote for a green, yellow or red card at the global geopark meeting according to the results. (representing "pass the revalidation", "temporarily retain membership for two years" and "delisting from the network".)

in july 2018, as the only global geopark in guangxi zhuang autonomous region, china, leye-fengshan unesco global geopark accepted the second revalidation.

afterwards, the 3rd session of the unesco global geopark council held in italy from september 8th to 9th, 2018, and awarded the green card to leye-fengshan unesco global geopark. the news was released in the 28th issue of the global geopark information stream published in february 2019. (huang hehuan)