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Leye-Fengshan Geopark took action to build a clean and beautiful world


During the 2022 Science and Technology Week (May 21st-June 10th), Leye-Fengshan Global Geopark organized a series of ecological and environmental science popularization activities, including International Biodiversity Day, World Environment Day, and Cultural and Natural Heritage Day.

 From June 2nd to 6th, the Management Committee of Leye-Fengshan Global Geopark, Ecological Environmental Protection Committee of Baise, Ecological Environmental Protection Committee of Baise of Leye County and other dozens of related departments, jointly carried out a variety of publicity activities at Leye Cultural Square and Baise Peninsula Park.

The publicity activities have distributed more than 3,000 copies of geological relics protection manuals, biodiversity leaflets and other materials to the public. More than 2,000 reusable bags have been distributed to local residents. The Management Committee also set up information desks to publicize environmental protection knowledge and provided the needed information to local residents.

Through the publicity activities of "June 5th World Environment Day" , the importance of biodiversity, the protection of rare wild animals and plants and related laws, regulations and policies have been publicized to the public. This is an action taken by the Management Committee in studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization, accurately and fully implementing the new development concept, and promoting the whole society to firmly establish the concept of ecological civilization. During the publicity, the Management Committee called for efforts to build a beautiful and clean environment with green mountains, blue sky and beautiful flowers. The management Committee also called on everyone to ramped up efforts to protect biodiversity, improve the ideological awareness of environmental protection, and build a beautiful home together!