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Geoparks launched summer promotions


On the morning of July 10th, 20 national geoparks, led by the Office of the National Geopark Network Center, jointly launched an online promotion of “Academic Research Tours to Geoparks”. Leye-Fengshan Global Geopark, Mountain Danxia and Zhejiang Yandangshan Geopark are on the list. More than 80 popular science education institutions, travel agencies and local media were invited to the promotional campaign.

The purpose of this promotional campaign is to boost the role of the geopark on popular science education, attract the public to learn more about earth science and help young people to form a positive view on earth protection. Meanwhile, the promotion will largely promote the development of rural tourism, the recovery of the tourism market after the impact of COVID-19 epidemic and the revitalization of the countryside. In this campaign, 20 geoparks jointly issued preferential policies for tickets and summer academic research tours. In addition to live broadcast of the research tours and the promotion of products, all the parks provide online education and service, such as natural disaster and safety education and various study programs and activities. This campaign will last two months from July to August, and some parks will continue the promotion till the end of September.

 The 20 geoparks, which are distributed all over the country, will provide visitors with different kinds of experience, including Danxia scenery, volcanic scenery, Yadan scenery, quartz sandstone peak forest scenery, karst scenery. The scenery spots are covering tropical, subtropical, variable zone and other climatic zones and different ecological environment, as well as colorful cultural elements, such as Han, Yi, Yao, Tujia, Miao, Zhuang and Tibetan. The wide-ranging content provides teachers and students with a high-quality research content and course experience. This campaign does enrich the summer research travel market.

 Leye-Fengshan Global Geopark, one of the participants of this campaign, will provide local features incorporated into the research course. The course will provide abundant cultural elements and contents of tiankeng, such as tours to City of Tiankeng, hometown of orchid and Bainicun village, historical show of red 7th Army and red 8th Army, experiencing ancient method of making paper of Jicun village, Pulong ancient song, lantern dance, sub-matrilineal clan and so on.