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“Mountain and River Blue Flame”--- The mountains & Cave Rope Rescue Technical Exchange Activity was Launched in Sanmenhai Scenic Area in Leye-Fengshan UGGp



To enhance the technical exchanging, resolve the difficult problems on cave rescue and improve the rescue skills of mountain & cave rescue, the mountains and cave rope rescue technical exchange event was held in Sanmenhai Scenic Area in Leye-Fengshan UGGP on Apr. 4th.

Xu Xuejun, the deputy captain of Guangxi Fire and Rescue, and Xue Haiyuan, the secretary of Fengshan county party committee attended the opening ceremony. Meanwhile, Hu Guoqing, the director of combat training division hosted the ceremony.

During the opening ceremony, Xu Xuejun pointed out that this exchange would provide a platform for communication and sharing among professional teams from within and outside the region. It is an effective way to enhance the professional rescue capabilities of the teams. The participating students are encouraged to strengthen communication and cooperation, correct their mindset and attitudes, and attach great importance to this event. They should cherish the opportunity and, through dedicated, focused, and meticulous training, deeply comprehend the advanced technological concepts encountered in this exchange. They should truly transform the acquired knowledge into a powerful driving force for their work, and further explore the experience of professional team construction and rescue techniques, jointly advancing rescue technology to a higher level.

Xu Xuejun emphasized the need to carefully summarize experiences and promptly conduct comprehensive reviews. Representative technologies and methods should be extracted and a communication mechanism should be established. The achievements in professional team construction, equipment utilization, and technological innovation should be promptly translated into practical applications. It is important to actively respond to the new situations and requirements in the complex firefighting and rescue tasks within the jurisdiction, continuously enhancing the professionalism of the teams.

Strict adherence to various regulations, compliance with management, self-discipline, and maintaining strict discipline and good work ethics are essential to ensure the effectiveness of the activities. Additionally, it is important to closely focus on key prevention measures, strictly adhere to operational procedures, and ensure the implementation of protective measures. This is to guarantee the safety and orderliness of the exchange activities and to successfully accomplish the assigned tasks.


On behalf of  Fengshan County Party Committee, Fengshan County Government, and the 220,000 people of various ethnic groups, Xue Haiyuan expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Guangxi Fire Rescue General Brigade and the Hechi Fire Rescue Support Brigade for their continuous concern and support for the Fengshan Fire Rescue cause. He extended a warm welcome to all the leaders and firefighters who had come to participate in this event. He also expressed profound respect to the vast number of firefighters who had been fighting on the front lines, safeguarding social stability.

Xue Haiyuan stated that Fengshan County Party Committee and Fengshan County Government will fully support and cooperate with the Guangxi Fire Brigade and the Hechi City Fire Rescue Support Brigade in ensuring the logistical support for this event. They will coordinate the resolution of various difficulties and issues encountered during the training period to ensure that this mountain cave rope rescue technology exchange activity achieves the expected results.


According to the information received, the event will last for two days. A total of eight specialized rescue teams participated in the event, including the Kunming Training Brigade of the National Fire and Rescue Bureau, the Weinan Detachment of the Shanxi Fire and Rescue Brigade, as well as teams from Nanning, Liuzhou, Baise, Hechi, and Laibin in the area. The exchange competition is conducted through live broadcasting and includes nine practical and targeted subjects, such as diagonal T-shaped island rescue and complex slope casualty transportation. These activities are carried out at the entrances of Sanmenhai and Shegeng Caves. Currently, the exchange event is proceeding in an orderly manner.

Liao Kebin, the Captain of the Municipal Fire and Rescue Brigade, Huang Dian, the Political Commissar of the Municipal Fire and Rescue Brigade, Yang Gang, the Deputy County Mayor and Director of  Fengshan County Public Security Bureau, as well as representatives from each brigade, attended the opening ceremony.