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Leye-Fengshan geopark launched activities on National Science Day


On September 26th, popularization activities for the 2022“National Science Day”at the Cultural Square of Leye County were jointly launched by Leye-Fengshan Global Geopark, Baise Association for Science and Technology and dozens of related departments in Leye County  .

The event focused on the theme of“Welcoming the 20th National Congress, spreading science to the future”and was based on the principle of being close to reality, life and the masses. It introduced knowledge of rural practical technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, anti-heresy, safety and health to the community. The members of the geopark actively carried out scientific and technological consultation and released scientific and technological materials to the public, which offers a variety of forms and rich contents of “science feast”.

At the event site, volunteers from the geopark placed photo and picture board and banners, organized scientific knowledge competition and shared how to scientifically and accurately practice epidemic prevention and control under normal conditions. They distributed materials to the public to popularize the knowledge on Earth's evolution, geological formation, the importance of environmental protection, and so on. More than 500 copies of various publicity materials and handbooks were distributed, and questions were received and solved on-site from more than 200 people. This event not only improved the scientific literacy and safety awareness of the residents, but also created a good social atmosphere of loving science.

Next, the Leye-Fungshan Global Geopark will continue to raise public awareness of geological environmental protection through the promotion of popular geological science, so that local residents will have a better understanding of the evolution of the Earth through appreciating the wonders of nature. The popularization will also arouse their awareness of protecting the earth and promote the harmonious development of man and nature.