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Leye-Fengshan Global Geopark Conducted a Training Activity for Cooperation Partners


On June 21, 2023, Leye-Fengshan Geopark organized a training activity for its cooperation partners. The activity took the form of a symposium and field visits.

The leaders of the management committee attached great importance to this training activity and personally deployed and organized it meticulously. During the meeting, Pan Yuxiang, the main leader of the management committee, introduced the importance of the revalidation scheduled for July for Leye-Fengshan Geopark and provided training on the preparation for the revalidation and on-site inspections.

After the meeting, Pan Yuxiang led representatives from various enterprises to conduct field inspections at relevant sites along the revalidation route. During the inspections, Chen Zhiqiang, an expert in geology, explained geological knowledge to everyone and further clarified the precautions for various preparatory work along the inspection route. They had extensive discussions on the methods and approaches for the development of the geopark and enterprises, expressing their willingness to work side by side and leverage their respective strengths to jointly handle the work arrangements required for the revalidation, including exhibition, performances, interviews, and reception. They pledged to work together to make a contribution to the construction of Leye-Fengshan Geopark in the revalidation in 2023, and to contribute to the development of their hometown and the realization of a sustainable, excellent, and fast development of the geopark.

Audit: Pan Yuxiang

Graphics & Text: Huang Daquan, Luo Shasha

Edit: Gong Yue