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Organization and Management Structure

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Management Structure

    The management institution of the geopark is Leye-Fengshan UNESCO Global geopark management committee which was set up in October, 2011. The director of the committee is Mr.Ronneng Li  (The magistrate of Leye county), the executive deputy director is Mr. Rong Lu (The magistrate of Fengshan county) , and the deputy directors are Huang eWeixin and Pan Yuxiang. The committee is made up of  a management office and two Administrative Bureaus of Leye and Fengshan subareas which consist of a management office, a protection and planning office, a geological tourism & science popularization education office, a network centre and a geological museum.

    Leye Administration is in the  Compound of the Land & Resources Bureau of Leye County beside Chengbei Gas Station, Leye County, Baise City, Guangxi, China, whose head is Mr. Pingyong Wang;  Fengshan Administration is in the  Compound of Tourism Bureau of Fengshan County at the end of Balie Jingjia Bridge, Fengshan County, Hechi City, Guangxi, China, whose director is Mr. Guohai Chen.

    The contact information of the geopark is as follows:

    Telephone: +86 776 7922277(Leye)+86 778 6825645(Fengshan)

    Fax: +86 776 7922277(Leye)+86 778 6825645 (Fengshan)

    Email Address:

Geopark staff

There are totally 42 official staff in the geopark, including 2 scientific staff  (permanent) and 3 scientific staff  (by contract), whose majors cover Geography, Geology, Botany, Forestry etc.; 4 technical staff (permanent) and 4 technical staff (by contract), whose majors cover garden management, geographic information system, finance and counting, planning and design etc.; 15 administrative staff (permanent), whose majors cover party Policy, public administration, tourism management etc; 12 rangers  (permanent) and 12 rangers (by contract), whose duty is to protect the geosites.    

(1)Some details of the personel structure in the geopark.  





Head Managers

Rongneng Li

Director of the Management Committee

(1)The directors of the Management Committee take charge of the personel management, finace and the declaration, examination and approvement of    construction projects in the whole geopark.

(2)The directors of Leye and Fengshan Administrations are respectively responsible for the specific work arrangement of Leye and Fengshan Subareas, including daily work, project coordination and management, finance, museum, achieve management, geosites conservation and etc. What’s more, they are also in charge of the communication work between each other and the exchange between cooperative partners.

Rong Lu 

Executive Deputy Director of the Management Committee

Weixin Huang

Deputy Director of the Management Committee

Yuxiang Pan 

Deputy Director of the Management Committee

 Hehuang Huang

Director of the Leye Administration

Guiqiang Ban

Director of the Fengshan Administration

Scientific Staff


Dezhuang Peng

Deputy Director and Scientific Staff of the Leye Administration

As deputy directors of two administrations, they help the directors’ work. As a scientific staff, they aim at the research work of geosites resources, cave exploration and the preventation work of geological disasters and etc.

Jicong He

Deputy Director and Scientific Staff of the Fengshan Administration

Technical Staff (permanent)

Ping Long, 

Ning Guan

Technical Staff of the Leye Administration

As technical staff, they provide professional consultation for the cooperation partners of the geopark and take charge of the technical management of the geopark, such as the website operation and management and etc.

Zhiqiang Chen, Caitiao Wei

Technical Staff of the Fengshan Administration


(2)Four directors' photos of the Management committee